€6.5 billion spent on Alcohol in Ireland in 2014 (CSO figures)

  1. A trained consultant
  2. All of the equipment necessary
  3. Full reporting with comprehensive solutions
  1. Access to your venue
  2. Information relevant to the audit (sales, stock received, allowances etc.
Our service is charged on a per visit basis. We do not lock our clients into time bound contracts – we believe that if we are an asset to your business we are secured. If we become a cost then it is time to go.

Many of our clients use our service weekly while others use us bi-weekly or monthly. We believe the onus is on us to prove value in the form of return on investment.

You have nothing to lose and complete control of your business to gain.

Stocktaking Provides The Following Crucial Information For Your Business

  • Determines how well your business is performing
  • Checks your gross profit
  • Tells you if you have any stock problems, i.e. theft
  • Helps you with your pricing strategy
  • Helps you place the right orders
  • Provides the performance information you need to run your business profitably
  • Provides an accurate picture of your stock holding
  • Highlights product sales performance
  • Helps reduce stock levels and improve cash flow

There are multiple reports which can be customised as required

  • Gross Profit Percentage
  • Net Profit Percentage
  • Surplus/Deficit at cost and retail
  • Line Item surplus/deficits by unit and cost
  • Line Item Gross Profit Margins
  • Departmental usage by cost, retail and percentage
  • Waste/Line Cleaning reports and costing
  • Clerk ID Reports
  • Closing Stock Valuation
  • Historical Analysis

3 Solutions for you Stocktaking Needs

At Hospitality Focus we understand that every business is different. We offer 3 different solutions to cater for all your stocktaking needs.

Drink Stocktaking Solutions

Food Stocktaking Solutions

Bar Investigations