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With food becoming an ever increasing percentage of overall sales in many establishments it is imperative that this part of the business is performing to its maximum potential.

At Hospitality Focus we use a proven plan to ensure that the potential achievable gross profit margins are being achieved.

Step 1. We sit down with your chef and do a full costing on all menu items to ensure desired margins can be achieved. Where there are issues we offer alternatives. We conduct a full sales analysis on your menu highlighting items that are not selling with a view of holding stock required. We provide you with comprehensive recipe cards for each dish and a GP margin for each dish.

Step 2. We do a full analysis with current supplier prices against market averages.

Step 3. We conduct an opening stock count

Step 4. We conduct a second count on an agreed date and produce results on-site for a comprehensive review with the chef and owners.

On review of the report a strategy for increasing GP margins is agreed where applicable.

Our reports show what margin was expected from the sales breakdown against what margin was actually achieved.

We can also produce a full line item report or alternately a report showing variances on high value items.

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Some Sample Food Reports

Food Profit Sample Report

Food Profit

Food Hot Bev Sample Report

Food Hot Bev

Food Closing Stock Levels Sample Report

Food Closing Stock

Food Purchase Summary Sample Report

Food Purchase Summary

Sample Kitchen GP Margin Report

Kitchen GP Margin

Food Purchases by Supplier Sample Report

Food Purchases by Supplier

Sample Dash Board Report

Dash Board Report

Food Purchase Summary Sample Report

Food Purchase Summary

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