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Hospitality Focus is at the forefront in providing Stocktaking Services in the Irish marketplace

Successful businesses know that the only sure way to avoid erosion of profit
is to employ a strict, accurate and regular professional food and beverage
stocktaking regime.

When you hire Hospitality Focus to help you with controlling your inventory,
within a few short weeks you will see an immediate return on your
investment. We have proven time and again that by using our services leads
to increased profits for your business.

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Stocktaking Dublin

Food Stocktaking

  • Complete transparency of what is happening in your kitchen
  • Reports that show exactly where your losses are happening
  • Minimise Food Costs
  • Dish by Dish food costings
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Stocktaking Ireland

Drink Stocktaking

  • An unbiased 3rd party expert that will tell you the hard truths
  • Data that tells you exactly where the issues exist in your liquor
  • Personalized coaching on what to do with this data to get immediate
  • Unrivaled customer service
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Bar Investigations

  • Actionable proof on what goes on in your business when you are away
  • Are staff pocketing cash?
  • Are staff serving friends free food and drink?
  • Are staff ringing up every transaction?
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Wastage estimated in the Irish Hospitality market
We produce over 20 reports to evaluate your Stocktaking needs
Average loss without stock taking in Ireland, can be as high as 25%
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